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3 June 2016
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3 June 2016
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Titti, the conservatory for fashion victims of the greenhouse effect

Women’s magazine Elle has selected Titti, the designer mini conservatory by Cuadro – for balconies that are ready to flourish!

Elle magazine is yet another victim (a fashion victim, of course) of the greenhouse effect that Titti has created. Titti is a small greenhouse designed by architect Patrizia Pozzi Titti, whose concept is reminiscent of 1950s beach huts.

titti articolo elle

Titti is the perfect solution for your home, not only for the balcony, but also for indoor spaces, where it can be used as a glass display case. Customisable, with overlays available in various designs including parterre, bouquet, dandelion, and grass blades, the Titti balcony greenhouse is a fun and original way to make your balcony bright and colourful.

Discover Titti in our collection or contact us for more information.