Crafters of the landscape

A small village set amidst the enchanting landscape of the hills of the Marche region: this is where Sante and Cristina’s story begins; a father and daughter with a shared passion for metal-working.

It is 2001, and the family business, MO.RI.MA, appears on the market as a workshop specialising in metalwork for a variety of uses, from mechanics to winemaking and from transport to construction.

As time goes by, and as Cristina joins the business, the metalworking becomes increasingly refined and starts to move beyond stainless steel to explore the new horizons of a distinctive and captivating material: Corten steel.

How did this passion for corten begin?

Since 2010, travels, studies and experimentations have brought Cristina to begin a new research on corten steel material and its possible applications.

The inspiration comes from new buildings with decorative Corten panels. A striking effect, made even more attractive by the use, in a minimalist, modern setting, of a material previously used only in an industrial context.

Supported by the artisanal experience of Mo.Ri.Ma, within just a few months she creates the first product in what is to become one of the most important collections: a square planter made entirely of Corten steel for outdoor use.

Cuadra is established

Today, from first collection, the story of Cuadra and corten is going full speed ahead since 2011. At present, production includes two series of product:
- Landscape Furniture: using the advanced craftsmanship of the Mo.Ri.Ma masters and their meticulous “handmade” processes to create made-to-measure, customisable outdoor products.
- city greenhouses and gardens: products for creating your own garden in the home and to let you enjoy beautiful greenery every day on your balcony;

Thanks to these characteristics, Cuadra is the perfect tool for architects who need support in implementing their landscape projects. In fact the strength of Cuadra lies in its ability to go beyond decoration per se and to become part of a wider plan, where the products come alive to design outdoor spaces that tell a different story each time.

Today Cuadra does not decorate outdoor spaces. It creates them!