The cutting edge of craftsmanship

There is one word that can sum up Cuadra’s work: craftsmanship.

Craftsmanship as a passion for beautiful things, craftsmanship as the hands that design, construct and shape stories from the imagination. A craftsmanship which embraces colour and immerses itself in the landscape.

This is the heart of Cuadra, a company which for many years has been creating made-to-measure outdoor products that are infinitely customisable and which combine the craftsmanship of “Made in Italy” with the innovation of cutting-edge materials and design.

Cuadra does not decorate outdoor spaces, it creates them.

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Who we are

Crafters of the landscape

“Handmade” design

Know-how, passion for your craft, scrupulous attention to detail, the quest for perfection: in a world dominated by the monotony of industrial models, Cuadra seeks to strongly reaffirm the value of craftsmanship..

Stainless steel and corten steelare moulded time and again to shape landscape projects which combine beauty and practicality in perfect natural harmony. Constantly following the creative skills and sensitivity which have been handed down through the years by our master craftsmen.

At the designer’s service

Bring your landscape design to us and together we can turn it into reality.

Together, we will look at the most minute detail of each project in order to create green spaces that will be a true reflection of their inhabitants. We will go as far as your imagination can take you. And we will do it with competence, professionalism and, above all, passion.

We don't stop here: with Landscape Furniture products we can customize your outdoor areas and adapt them to all your needs.


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