1 April 2016
fascina wall divider
29 August 2017
1 April 2016
11 September 2014

Cuadra circular borders and edging strips for flowerbeds allow you to separate garden spaces in a practical, functional manner. Their light, flexible design provides an attractive, high-quality solution which can easily be adapted to any landscaping project.

- Circular borders: W 40/50/60 x H 20 cm
- Flowerbed edging strips with W 5 cm supporting section: W 150 H 5 D 5 cm
- Flowerbed edging strips with 1 cm upper push-in section:
W 150 H 9 cm
W 150 H 14 cm
W 150 H 19 cm


Circular borders:

Flowerbed edging strips:

Others informations:

The following can be made to order:
- Welded corner sections;
- Iron pegs for anchoring to the ground;
- Silhouettes in customized shapes and sizes also for small terraces.