3 August 2014
6 May 2016
Compose your garden

Nest is a set of hand-crafted technical components for decorating gardens with a quick and easy modular design. It consists of:
- A nest to form island beds or walkways of various heights and dimensions;

- Borders and containers that can be assembled to suit the garden plan; the border/container can be sunk directly into the ground, placed on an existing paved area or mounted on wheels and can be filled with gravel, grass, vegetables or plants to create dynamic puzzles and form infinitely customisable gardens;

- A panel for climbing plants, measuring L 50 D 25 H 150 cm, which can be mounted on the Nest to provide privacy for balconies and gardens.


- W 50 D 50 H 18 cm
- W 50 D 50 H 30 cm with wheels
- W 100 D 100 H 18 cm
- W 100 D 100 H 30 cm with wheels
- W 50 D 50 H 50 cm
- W 50 D 50 H 60 cm with wheels
- W 50 D 50 H 70 cm
- W 50 D 50 H 82 cm with wheels
- W 50 H 150 D 25 cm


Natural oxidised Corten

Natural oxidised Corten

Others informations:

The Nest can be internally lined with a draining fabric which protects and insulates the metal.