11 September 2014
1 April 2016
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29 August 2017
Balcony vegetable garden
11 September 2014
The vegetable plot goes vertical

Cuadra ODP is a vertical modular system designed for growing vegetables when there is limited space but you don’t want to miss out on a beautiful balcony garden.

Measurements (single element):

W 50 D 25 H 15 cm


Others informations:

Cuadra ODP is made of painted galvanized sheet metal. It can be made in a range of colours and finishes according to the customer’s choice.

ODP can be installed quickly and easily, and its modular design makes it a versatile product which can be used to enhance any bare wall.

The system is installed by attaching a tubular structure to the wall and then hanging the containers, which are interchangeable, from it.

Each container has drainage at the bottom, allowing for natural recycling of water from one container to another.