Balcony vegetable garden
11 September 2014
11 September 2014
3 August 2014
A Tangram puzzle in green

Design: Paola Tassetti and Angela Magionami

Cuadra Tangreen is a modular system which can be assembled to form a free and creative interpretation of the contemporary garden.
Inspired by the famous tangram puzzle, based on taking apart and putting back together the parts of a square, this product allows for the creation of an infinite number of island structures, starting from a single square unit (2x2m). When taken apart and reassembled in its many configurations, it transforms the space in different ways.


The overall size of the complete unit is: W 200 D 200 H 42 cm. It has 7 components of the following sizes:
- 2 x large corners W 200 D 100 H 42 cm;
- 1 x medium corner W 140 D 70 H 42 cm;
- 2 x small corners W 100 D 50 H 42 cm;
- 1 x supporting seat with staves W 70 D 70 H 42 cm;
- 1 x supporting seat with staves W 100 D 50 H 42 cm.


Others informations:

Tangreen is suitable for both public spaces and contemporary homes where it can be transformed into an original garden and vegetable plot.

All elements of the Tangreen system are wheel-mounted for ease of movement.

Accessories provided can include:
- C-clamps to secure the composition;
- 2 seat units made of WPC staves with garden tool store option;
- wheels in high quality polyamide