11 September 2014
11 September 2014
1 April 2016
A timeless garden

Cuadra planters are all artisan-made with the care and attention that can only come from hand-crafted production. The resulting products can adapt to different spaces and uses, while the plan provides the starting point for their creative expression.
In particular, the appealing Corten finish, created using a natural oxidizing technique developed and implemented by Cuadra, allows for the production of timeless pieces which are unique in their class.
In addition to the standard sizes, the planters can be customised for any project, from private outdoor spaces to urban design.


- W 35 D 35 H 35 cm
- W 35 D 35 H 70 cm
- W 35 D 35 H 96 cm
- W 96 D 35 H 35 cm
- W 96 D 35 H 70 cm
- W 70 D 70 H 70 cm


On request:

- Galvined painted in colour decided by costumer
- Inner draining fabric
- Rubber feet
- Wheels