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3 June 2016
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3 June 2016

The Port of Numana: flower boxes made from Cuadra’s Corten steel … throw the anchor!

Baskets, benches, bollards and planters: a challenge to the taste of seasalt for street furniture made by Cuadra at the Port of Numana.

Corten steel flower boxes at the Port of Numana

The blue sea, the blue sky, the white of the rocks. And then an explosion of colours, sounds, smells that surround you and overwhelm you. It is all this and much more- Numana, the famous lady of Conero with its port, its painted houses, its alleyway features. That’s why the project of the port street furniture for Cuadra was a real challenge.

The goal was to create a series of elements that could decorate the quay and at the same time could integrate harmoniously with the surrounding open space: benches, litter bins, bollards and flower boxes made of Corten.

corten al porto di Numana

Flower boxes made from Corten steel: a timeless charm

In collaboration with Lapis Bottega, Cuadra gave life to a project with elements entirely made of Corten, that are characterized by high corrosion resistance and high mechanical strength. The benefits, especially in a “difficult” environment such as a port, continually exposed to the corrosive action of the sea and the weather, are evident both technically and economically.

The flower boxes made of Corten and all the other elements, in fact, are covered with a uniform and durable coating, made up of the oxides of its alloying elements, which prevents the progressive expansion of corrosion. This coating, in a lovely brown color, a hue that changes with the years and with the effect of the external environment, besides constituting a valid protection against the aggression of atmospheric agents, gives the product a high quality of aesthetic solutions.

This is a landscaping project that is not only creating a new urban space, but an enjoyment of that space in harmonic and functional terms: the impact of composition studied by Cuadra is beyond aesthetic beauty, but is enclosed in a larger project of rethinking the port area in terms of efficiency: because living nature means thinking about a space that persists over time, in compliance with environmental rhythms.