bordure giardino con piante aromatiche
Garden borders: Mapei Farm is a sensory path with the corten
12 June 2017
barriere antiterrorismo
Anti-terror barriers: Cuadra’s solutions
12 December 2017
bordure giardino con piante aromatiche
Garden borders: Mapei Farm is a sensory path with the corten
12 June 2017
barriere antiterrorismo
Anti-terror barriers: Cuadra’s solutions
12 December 2017

Channel drain: when elegance and functionality join together. The Melania Calzature project

Channel drain and borders are among the elements of the project for Melania Calzature: a business idea that pays tribute to the beauty of the Marche landscape.


The planning stage and the collaboration with Cuadra

Melania Calzature is a company in Magliano di Tenna (FM) that since 1966 produces children’s shoes; the purpose was to create a business space that would accommodate the customers and employees themselves, making them live a new experience: an immersive moment in the essence of the place.

Channel drain in the project for Melania Calzature


So the Architect. Giorgio Asciutti speaks about the Melania Calzature project for Pellegrini Garden:

“The necessity was to recreate a space that would revive the surrounding environment, bringing to light that typically rural and hilly country. Hence the idea of ​​making ground movements that give the idea of ​​the hills and make an artificial river, characteristic of the Marche valley”

The natural elements (water, soil, lawn, stone) and the architectural ones in corten steel as the borders and the drains have been designed and realized with this purpose.


Channel drains and borders: the corten at the service of the design

Each element of the project has been studied and developed in the company in close collaboration with the designer, so new, flexible and functional products are born that easily adapt to the ground by modeling it: channel drain, borders of different height, Melania logo and pressed elements.


Linear channel drains: the use of the product in the project

Channel drains are a key element in the realization where there is a need to ensure continuity between the rainwater drainage structure and the rest of the pavement.

In the Melania Calzature project this product has been used to allow water drainage effectively, but with the least visual impact. In fact, only the linear cut opening is visible. The drain then fits into the implementation context in a harmonious and elegant manner, respecting and enhancing the overall configuration.

channel drains in corten


channel drains in corten steel


In addition, channel drains are all made of corten steel. This solution makes it possible to have a product with excellent resistance to atmospheric corrosion: the passage of time, in fact, does not ruin the material, but it gives it an unmistakable “lived” appearance. Not to mention that the corten fits perfectly with the colors of the surrounding landscape.

 corten steal channel drains


Not just rainwater channel drains: here are the other elements created for the realization

Based on the project designed by the architect, in addition to the channel drains, three other product types have been added.


Borders in corten

In this case two different measures were chosen.

High garden borders have been used to delimit the river bank, so that land containments are maintained.

channel drains and garden borders for Melania Calzature



channels drain and garden borders in corten



channels drain and corten garden borders



channel drains - detail


The lower borders (5 cm in diameter), on the other hand, were used as a paving for flooring.


channel drains paving for flooring



Pressed elements

They were made on a project to define jumper path along the artificial water. The intention was to create a “functional shift” that recalled and agreed with the ground movements, the focal point of the realization.


channel drains and pressed elements



channel drains and pressed elements in corten


Custom Logo

The Melania Calzature brand, which since 1966 – the founding year of the company – has always guaranteed visibility and recognition, was made on a loom, laid out during the pavement throw near the entrance.


channel drains and costum logo



channel drains and costum logo melania calzature


The visitor is so immediately welcomed in the heart of the structure: a fresh, creative, dynamic and modern company.