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3 June 2016
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Corten steel: the charm of a timeless material
26 September 2016

Flower boxes in cor-ten steel: holidays at Conero Azzurro set in design

With flower boxes in Cuadra cor-ten steel, your holidays at Camping Village Conero Azzurro will be characterised by outdoor design! Discover our project…                                                                                                        

Flower boxes in cor-ten steel: steel plays the leading role at Conero Azzurro

Flower boxes in cor-ten steel are the result of dialogue between architecture and environment: we’re at Conero Azzurro, a 50,000 m2 camping village inside the Natural Park of Monte Conero, so well integrated with its surroundings that it appears to blend into the magical, frozen in time land. It is as difficult to present the beauty of the Conero riviera, as it is thrilling: words cannot describe the crystal blue sea of Sirolo, the archeological treasures of Humana, or the vivacity of Marcelli. It is equally impossible to describe the pride of Monte Conero itself, with its sheer drop-off cliffs onto the sea, which caresses the wild white inlets of its hidden coves.

This explain why, in the context of this beauty, the outdoor project conceived by Cuadra is based on cor-ten steel that is proposed and declined in several products all made specifically to integrate functionally with the environment surrounding. The cor-ten, in fact, is a material whose beauty and whose charms are above the time, so it’s just in the passing of the years that this metal is her strong point. Al Conero Azzurro, in short, is the Cor-ten steel the real star!

Flower boxes in cor-ten steel for an eco-design proposal

The Conero Azzurro is characterized by calm and sober elegance that is also reflected in its architecture. That is why the concept realized by Cuadra provides an alternation of:

– custom-made flower boxes in corten steel;

Flower boxes in cor-ten steel

– designer vases in corten with retractable wheels to facilitate movement for lemon trees;

Flower boxes in corten steel


Flower boxes in corten steel

All the flower boxes in cor-ten steel were made with the process of oxidation Cuadra: a totally natural method , without the use of any chemical products, with which the cor-ten becomes covered with a uniform coating and resistant, constituted by the oxides of its elements alloy, which prevents the progressive spread of the corrosion. This coating was then covered with a run-off surface patina, which does not alter the surface characteristics of the material, but constitutes a valid protection against the aggression of atmospheric agents, succeeding, at the same time, to progressively increase the aesthetic value of the product.