bordura corten per le ex carceri di macerata
The courtyard of former Macerata prisons is revived by corten steel
15 March 2017
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Channel drain: when elegance and functionality join together. The Melania Calzature project
28 August 2017

Garden borders: Mapei Farm is a sensory path with the corten

A sensory garden for adults and children delimited by corten garden borders: here are the Cuadra realizations for the Mapei farm.

Garden borders: delimit the flower beds with the corten

How to create borders in the garden? There are so many ways in which the curbs for flowerbeds can be used and interpreted. One of the most interesting is undoubtedly the world of sensory gardens. The signed designs of Cuadra for the Mapei Farm (located in Nocciano, in the province of Pescara) arise from the idea of using flower beds as a decorative-functional element to accompany the guest in a path of discovery of the green spaces surrounding the company.

The estate stands in a splendid setting between the sinuous heights of Majella and Gran Sasso and was born from a small restored convent that was later enlarged thanks to the acquisition of some farms of the Noccian countryside.


garden borders for the Mapei Farm


The realization of the corten metal borders corresponds precisely to the need to emphasize the beauty of this place, respecting the idea of a sensory path where everything is carefully studied to stimulate the visitor’s senses.


Borders for flowerbeds: how does the path of sensory garden originate?

Cuadra’s garden corten borders are designed to fit into a “natural world” designed to stimulate the senses: sight, smell, hearing, touch and taste are involved in a journey that makes the visitor feel an integral part of nature.



Garden borders


Among olive trees, roses, ornamental and fruit plants, borders have been inserted in different types:

1) Garden borders of rectangular shape and variable dimensions: these elements are placed inside the garden with attention not only towards plants and flowers but also to shade and light, perfumes and colors. The edges contain aromatic plants that, in addition to decorating the garden, smell the whole environment;


garden borders


2) Circular borders: circular garden borders (still under construction) that will be used to delimit flowers and other decorative plants;


garden borders


The design, therefore, takes into account the spaces dedicated to the plants and the flowers of the border, but also of additional details, whose purpose is to improve the availability of the garden. In this context, relaxation spaces are included here: the project here has included the insertion of corten flower-boxes, which make up the colored benches.


garden borders and planters


Corten garden borders: why choose them?

All the decorative elements of the sensory garden of the Mapei Farm are made in corten. As already explained in the article “Corten steel: the charm of a timeless material“, in fact, this material has excellent resistance to atmospheric corrosion. This means that the passage of time does not ruin the material, but on the contrary it gives it a “lived” appearance and a great aesthetic impact.


garden borders


In contrast to other types of garden curbs, corten metal borders do not need constant maintenance (such as wooden edge trim for flowerbeds) and integrate into the atmosphere of the garden with a “lightness” which instead lacks on iron or cement flowerbeds borders. Not to mention that the corten manages to camouflage itself in a totally coherent way with the harmony of the surrounding green, avoiding creating unaesthetic “style falls.”


Garden borders: photo of the realization


How to make garden borders: here’s the Cuadra collection

Cuadra’s metal borders for flowerbeds include three products that allow you to delimit in a practical and functional way the flower beds of the garden. They are light and flexible products that adapt to all the aesthetic solutions that you want to adopt for your green spaces.

  • Circular borders: Circular corten steel borders fit very well into gardens and vegetable gardens where you want to create quickly small raised flower beds.



garden borders


garden borders



  • Edging strips for flowerbeds with folding support are borders with 5×5 cm profile folded at 90 ° to the base. This allows the border to be laid directly on the ground by modeling it according to the needs and then blocking it with pegs to draw the chosen flowerbed.


garden borders



The reduced height of this profile, corresponding to the ground, is particularly suited to the division between the crushed stone and the lawn. For this reason, the edging strips for flowerbeds with a plague on the back are a great solution for entrances, walkways or pedestrian crossings.

garden borders


Corten profiles with crunch plaster: they have a folded profile at the top to soften the edge of the sheet so as to make it more secure. The structure (available in 3 heights 9/14/19 cm), slightly filled in, easily bends and allows you to create drawings in the ground with which you can create raised flowerbeds.


garden borders


This type of garden edge helps to “regulate” the development of flower beds, defining a harmonic articulation of outdoor space. The use of this corten border allows you to control the luxuriance and provides a good aesthetic and practical support for those who love organized gardens and vegetable gardens.


garden borders


All the technical information about the circular borders and the edging strips for flowerbed sign up here.


Garden borders can be made of corten steel, stainless steel, painted galvanized and aluminum. In all cases the borders are framed and organized in the landscaping context in which they are inserted, creating a visibly pleasant and interesting contrast between the lawn or an outer coating and the color of the blooms.