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3 June 2016
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3 June 2016

Metal planters: Cuadra meets the biological in Lord Bio Restaurant

Metal planters: at Macerata’s Lord Bio Restaurant Cuadra creates the perfect integration between food concept and landscape. Here is the project.


Metal planters by Cuadra: a harmonious encounter between food and design

A food design project: taking the broadest definition of the term it could be described in this way, the concept behind the metal planters conceived by Cuadra for Lord Bio Restaurant in the historic centre of Macerata.

Lord Bio is, in fact, an organic, vegan and vegetarian restaurant which emerges from the interior of a fifteenth century building. The architecture revists past and present styles, somewhere between art and geometry. The materials are traditional and elemental: ceramic, lime, wood and copper positioned within contemporary lines.

Cuadra worked within this context in order to create the restaurant’s external space, an area directly overlooking a square filled with local people, and which has been “enclosed” by a border of metal planters outdoor.


metal planters



Metal planters by Cuadra: tailored design

The first impression you get when you see the outside space at the restaurant is one of an intimate, domestic setting that has been transported to a public context. The raised construction is made even more striking by the presence of tailored metal planters which demarcate the space in a dynamic game, and which take the internal concept of the restaurant and transport it outside. The relationship between inside and outside therefore becomes more interesting because it is permeable and uninterrupted.

More specifically, the metal garden planters are of the “cover” type: they have no bottom and each one is equipped with a plastic tray that allows the plants to be changed quickly according to the time of year.


metal planters


The varnished, zinc-plated steel in anthracite grey picks up the colour of the inside of the venue, creating an imaginary route which leads from the interior of the restaurant and explodes outside into a garden-like setting, thus giving the whole area a welcoming and evocative feel.