28 August 2017

Channel drain: when elegance and functionality join together. The Melania Calzature project

Channel drain and borders are among the elements of the project for Melania Calzature: a business idea that pays tribute to the beauty of the Marche landscape.
12 June 2017

Garden borders: Mapei Farm is a sensory path with the corten

A sensory garden for adults and children delimited by corten garden borders: here are the Cuadra realizations for the Mapei farm.
3 February 2017

Corten cladding: Pagliarini Viaggi has a new brown look

Corten cladding and suspended planters: functionality and aesthetics have arrived at the new Pagliarini Viaggi headquarters, in weathering steel packaging.
3 June 2016

Flower boxes in cor-ten steel: holidays at Conero Azzurro set in design

With flower boxes in Cuadra cor-ten steel, your holidays at Camping Village Conero Azzurro will be characterised by outdoor design! Discover our project…                                                                                        […]
3 June 2016

Vertical Garden at Hospice Bisaccia: creating therapeutic green spaces

Cuadra’s project for Hospice Bisaccia, in Avellino, is an example of a therapeutic green space: with the ODP collection and the Tangreen project, design can heal!
3 June 2016

Metal planters: Cuadra meets the biological in Lord Bio Restaurant

Metal planters: at Macerata’s Lord Bio Restaurant Cuadra creates the perfect integration between food concept and landscape. Here is the project.