7 February 2018

Garden borders: the redevelopment project for Piazza di Iolo – Prato

Piazza Bianchini in Iolo (Prato) has been given a new lease of life thanks to an urban redevelopment project’s reworking of the layout of the square: the fountain, the paving and the garden borders in Corten steel were investigated and developed with the aim of harmoniously enhancing the spaces.
12 December 2017

Anti-terror barriers: Cuadra’s solutions

This is how anti-terror barriers can be transformed into elements of street furniture which blends security and beauty.
28 August 2017

Channel drain: when elegance and functionality join together. The Melania Calzature project

Channel drain and borders are among the elements of the project for Melania Calzature: a business idea that pays tribute to the beauty of the Marche landscape.
12 June 2017

Garden borders: Mapei Farm is a sensory path with the corten

A sensory garden for adults and children delimited by corten garden borders: here are the Cuadra realizations for the Mapei farm.
15 March 2017

The courtyard of former Macerata prisons is revived by corten steel

Cuadra is part of the reclamation project for the former Macerata prisons: here is what has been done with the use of corten borders, ornamental railings and wall cladding panels.
3 February 2017

Corten cladding: Pagliarini Viaggi has a new brown look

Corten cladding and suspended planters: functionality and aesthetics have arrived at the new Pagliarini Viaggi headquarters, in weathering steel packaging.
26 September 2016

Corten steel: the charm of a timeless material

Corten steel: here advantages and applications of a material that for aesthetic features and capabilities is becoming increasingly appreciated and used.
3 June 2016

Flower boxes in cor-ten steel: holidays at Conero Azzurro set in design

With flower boxes in Cuadra cor-ten steel, your holidays at Camping Village Conero Azzurro will be characterised by outdoor design! Discover our project…                                                                                        […]
3 June 2016

With Cuadra the streets of Riccione play at tangram

Inspired by the famous Chinese game of tangram, Cuadra’s Tangreen project is taking over the streets of Riccione: many pieces of a garden…that can move!